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Reach your potential and live your purpose.

I want to learn how to...

Build Wealth

You worked hard and finally got the job of your dreams. Now what? Your family taught you resilience and determination. No one taught you how to manage your money once you earned it.

The My Money Mindset™ program demystifies money, spending, investing, and building generational wealth so that you can:




I want to learn how to...

Build My Legacy

You know that idea you've had for a long time. The one that combines your passion and expertise. The one that will serve your community. No one else in the world cares about it more than you.

The Essentials for Entrepreneurs™ program provides you with the training and materials necessary to build a lasting legacy.

  • Step 1: Building Your Brand

  • Step 2: Incorporating Your Brand

  • Step 3: Protecting Your Brand


Amanda C. Godlewski, Esq.

Amanda is the Founder of Mija Learns™. A Latina and first generation attorney, she found herself navigating finances and entrepreneurship on her own.Now she's on a mission to educate first gen professionals and entrepreneurs on how to build wealth and build business.With over ten years of experience advising in both the public and private sectors, she shares her knowledge so that you can reach your potential and live your purpose.The services and information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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