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Navigating entrepreneurship is no easy task - especially for consumer packaged goods companies. We simplify the process to set you up for success.We teach founders how to sustainably build and grow their CPG brand.
What is CPG? Consumer packaged goods is an industry term for products that customers consume on a regular basis, such as food, beverages, and cosmetics.
Unlike tech or service-based businesses, CPG brands must learn how to navigate product development, marketing and advertising, operations, supply chain, and funding options in order to survive and thrive.
Are you a CPG founder ready to learn more?


The "Fundamental Elements of the CPG Ecosystem" course provides you with the education necessary to build a sustainable CPG business.
This course covers the six fundamental elements of the CPG ecosystem:

  • 1 - Foundational

  • 2 - Product Development

  • 3 - Brand + Marketing

  • 4 - Supply Network

  • 5 - Operations

  • 6 - Funding Options

Before you take that leap - learn the best practices to building your CPG business.Save yourself time and money - register below.

BONUS COURSE:"Anatomy of a Label: Dos and Don'ts for CPG Packaging"Are you unclear on what you should include on your label when marketing your products?Take this course if you want to learn the key elements of a highly-regulated CPG label. We will cover both mandatory and voluntary elements, with a focus on:~Required Product Details~Brand Name/Logo(s)~Product Claims + Certifications – Health Claims, “Natural,” “New/Improved”Save yourself the expense of labeling missteps.Learn how to correctly label and market your CPG product.

Here's what attendees have said about our courses:

"[Mija Learns] has crafted content that would take tons of research to put together and her course will undoubtedly save you the trouble of expensive and time consuming missteps as you start your journey. Don’t think twice about it - just sign up!"

"Thank you for your session...I finally pulled the trigger and had a lawyer submit my LLC...I wasn't sure if it was worth it to move forward with it, but now I see it as an imperative to protect my business...Thanks for all the great information you provided. You set my feet on the right path."

"There was so much good info!"

"Everything was helpful!"

About mija learns

Amanda C. Godlewski, Esq.

Amanda is the Founder and CEO of Mija Learns™ - a Latina first generation attorney and a trusted business partner in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space.As a practicing attorney for over 12 years, she worked in-house at domestic public (Stonyfield/Danone - organic yogurt) and global private (Nutrabolt - beverage/sports nutrition) CPG companies.As Senior Corporate Counsel at Nutrabolt, she led domestic and global strategic initiatives - with a focus on driving operational excellence.Now she's on a mission to teach founders how to sustainably build and grow their mission-driven CPG brand to achieve economic equity.A believer in "lift as you rise," she shares her knowledge through courses, speaking engagements, and volunteer work.She has spoken at the GC Innovation Forum in Miami, FL and the Hustle and Social Conference in San Antonio, TX.She is also a founding member of San Antonio CPG - a trade organization supporting the development, growth and sustainability of San Antonio's Consumer Packaged Goods industry.The information and services provided are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

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